California Plump


Me with hair (and eyebrows) in 1976.
Me with hair (and eyebrows) in 1976.

When I was sixteen I thought I was fat.  I wasn’t.

But now I weigh more than I would like to. I am still not fat. But I reside in a state, and work in an industry, where having to size up from a zero to a size 4 petite is cause for concern. In this golden state, despite weighing slightly less than the average American woman, I am considered chunky, pudgy, ample or round. I prefer, however, to think of myself as California Plump.

I wasn’t always California Plump. There was a time when I was clinically obese. Several times per week I dined on half a packet of spaghetti mixed with baked beans and cheddar. I tipped the scales just shy of two hundred pounds. Yep. Those were the days.

I was not lacking in nutritional wisdom, only discipline and encouragement. Furthermore, I knew my lifestyle would kill me or at the very least trigger the diabetes that runs thick and fast in my family. I joined a weight loss organization and I joined a gym. And, unfortunately, I became so obsessed with dropping pounds that I fell into a pattern of disordered eating. I lost the extra seventy pounds it had taken eight years to gain in an unhealthy eight months. In exchange, I gained a lovely collection of gall stones and a truly dysfunctional digestive system.

A decade has passed. I’m now in my mid-fifties. Five years ago, during an emotionally intense period of my life, twenty of those seventy pounds began to find their way back onto my bones. The difficulties eventually worked themselves out yet the twenty pounds insisted on sticking around. Today my life is in a beautiful place. But I’m California Plump and while I’m not happy about that one bit I know that now – that this moment – is the time to take control of my health and wellness.

And what better way to begin this journey than with yet another self-absorbed blog clogging an already crowded cyberspace?  My intention is not to tell the story of weight loss.  My intention is to tell the story of finding my way back to fitness.  I want to share my story and the stories of other women I know who inspire me with their commitment to health, vitality and life.

Here we go.