Goji Berry Sun Tea

IMG_2465Stacy and I were best friends and co-workers at Watercourse Way over twenty years ago. We were the kind of friends who could cry together and then laugh ourselves silly. On Thursday nights one of us would phone the other and we’d watch Seinfeld together. To this day the thought of Jerry at the beach staring at a naked woman and mumbling “boutros boutros golly” makes me think of Stacy and giggle.  When I left for Ireland Stacy was the one who sat with me at the gate until it was time to board the plane.  It was 1994 – long before we had to say goodbye at security.

I’ve not seen Stacy in almost ten years, not since I first returned from Ireland. She flew in from the mid-west yesterday and tonight she and her daughter are coming to visit.

It’s going to be a simple salad night but I want to have something cold and refreshing to drink. So today I’m making my version of Julie Morris’s goji tea from her book Superfood Kitchen. Goji berries are high in antioxidants and good sources of vitamins A and C, iron and fiber. It’s believed these pretty red berries boost the immune system and reduce our risk of heart disease and cancer. Whether they do or not is moot. I think they’re yummy.



To make Goji Berry Sun Tea I’ve put slightly less than a quarter cup of berries into a clean glass container with eight cups of filtered water. I’ve also added a small handful of coarsely chopped mint from my container garden. That’s it. My work is done. Now it’s up to the sun. By the time Stacy and her daughter arrive I’ll have a slow brewed berry tea that is light and fruity. I’ll serve it over ice with a squeeze of lemon and a mint garnish.

As for those plump, rehydrated goji’s? I’ll be using them in my next smoothie.