A Bit About Me

Image 1Typically a blog like this might begin with “I have a passion for health and wellness.”  The truth is – maybe I do, maybe I don’t.  I know that I love my work – I’m a yoga teacher.  I’m a yoga teacher who loves to teach the men and women who walk into the studio with the “deer in the headlights” look that tells me that maybe they’re a little afraid of their bodies.  These are the ones who never thought they could practice yoga.  The ones recovering from illness or injury.  The ones who always wanted to but never did. They’re the individuals who fell away from regular exercise – like I did a few years ago.  But now they’re ready to come home.  These are my people.  The ones who finally said to themselves, “It’s time.”

But I also love to write, love to eat and love to create in the kitchen.  I also love being in love, which I am right now, for the first time in fifty-six years.

Yet I began this blog on a lark.  I wanted a diversion from the other writing and posts I create for the ‘real’ blog – the blog I keep for my yoga students – Practically Twisted.  There’s something satisfying about sharing recipes, about complaining that I’ve gained a new roll on the memo-pot or celebrating a record elliptical run at the local JCC.  Think of The Well-Seasoned Yogi as a cyber-koffe-klatch.  A bit of this.  A bit of that.  No rules.  Just fun.


Because it’s time.

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