Health and Wellness

CIMG2922What is the difference between being in good health and being well? It seems a simple enough question to answer. Good health is all about the body, isn’t it? Good health is being free from disease; it’s keeping those things that diminish our health – high cholesterol or blood pressure, furred arteries and rampant glucose – in check. But wellness? That’s not as easy to pin down. Being ‘well’ – as the word implies – has a soulful depth to it that is beyond blood results and heartbeats.

For me, recognizing the difference between health and wellness is similar to realizing there is a difference between being cured and being healed. We can be cured from an illness in the physical body yet still need emotional healing. We can have our physical health and yet not feel emotionally well.

I want both, of course. Who doesn’t? Health and wellness. Always. Is that possible? I don’t know. As certain as there are times when we experience the peak of health there will be times when illness finds us. And as much as I would like to believe that I embody wellness, it simply isn’t true. There are times when we are ill. Times when we are the picture of health. Times when we our hearts beam with wellness. Times when we feel spiritually broken.

Our health and wellness swing on two graceful continuums that, from time to time, intersect. When they do – oh! – when they do! Those moments are the reason why we take the stairs instead of the elevator, watch in awe the setting of the sun, enjoy deep insights with dear friends and choose broccoli over bacon (sometimes).

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